• UV Printers

    Liyu PF Series

    UV Inkjet Printer

    • Adopted the KM3688H high speed industrial printhead that meets industrial batch production requirements. 
    • 6pl printing maximum resolution up to 2880dpi, professional quality, meet the demands for high UV printing and professional quality. 
    • The Panasonic servo motor enables higher carriage speed and lower noise volume. 
    • Adjustable up-and-down carriage system, available for materials with different thicknesses. 
    • UV LED lamp curing technology, safe, energy saving, eco-friendly. 
    • Printhead heating control system to ensure that the ink supplication is smooth. 
    • Luxurious design for professional and high class customers.

    Liyu Thorjet

    UV Flatbet Printer

    • Adopted whole welding frame with several print partition vacuum table resolution within 0.4mm to ensure high quality printing. 
    • Double negative pressure system & white ink degassing system which ensures continuous stable ink supply. 
    • Automatic media height detection and media location system enables accurate media location and fast preparation works.


    HT3200UV RTR

    • Maximum printing width is 3200mm. 
    • Supports two-roll material printing. 
    • The mute liner guide rail allows quiet and stable printing. 
    • Has automatic negative pressure control system. 
    • High-precision and industral printhead. 
    • Allows combination of personalized processing and industrial production. 
    • Has a water-cooling printing platform with three adjustable suction zones.



    • The whole digital printing equipment series is designed in accordance with the production mode of 24×7; we have adopted a variety of durable components in line with the requirements of industrial production, especially the industrial Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, which can be used for 3-5 years if carefully maintained. 
    • The control panel is installed with high-speed and stable Lenovo workstation. 
    • Stable and reliable overall steel frame structure and dual gantry beam structured steel beam. • Has IGUS towline, PANASONIC servo motor and MEGADYNE step belt. Equipped with emergency stop button to guarantee the safety of both operator and equipment.

    DCS (Direct Color Systems )

    UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer

    • Produces incredibility crisp text and vibrant, full-color images without outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates 
    • Limitless possibilities - prints on everything from metals and plastics to wood, ceramic tiles and glass 
    • Creates both flat and attention-grabbing raised TEXTUR3D™ prints 
    • The easiest and fastest process to produce ADA-complaint/Braille Signages 
    • Fastest print times in the industry 
    • Industrial strength capabilities-handle the thickest, heaviest substrates 
    • Industry-leading, accurate print quality, high-resolution, repeatable prints, appears even on challenging surfaces 
    • Economical hardware, ink and print head replacement costs 
    • White ink Circulation System automatically circulates the entire white ink tank and lines (standard on most models) 
    • Variable dot per color capability 
    • Fastest, easiest Cylindrical / Bottle printing in the industry with our EasyCyl attachment. 
    • DCS UV LED inks have zero VOC content; printers feature variable UV LED power intensity 
    • Made in the USA - distributed globally​
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