• Eco-solvent and Sublimation Printers

    SMART Epson DX5



    The newly designed body structure of the machine was built for stability and high precision printing and is at par with the imported eco-solvent printers. The upgraded control system is more stable and effective. The newly designed, user-friendly software contains more functions and is more stable and convenient to handle. All new Aluminum alloy carriage station is positioned accurately so printhead cleaning can be done at once, which protects printhead to be more durable. Designed ergonomically for convenience and efficiency.

    • Compatible with EPSON DX5.
    • All-metal carriage station, flushing and cleaning accurately remains steady when printing in high-speed mode.
    • Powerful brushless servo motor in both X&Y axis and all board and electronic accessories of printer remain steady when printing in high speed.
    • All boards and electronic accessories of printer are packed original and very stable.
    • Automatic off-work protection function will keep the printhead moist within one week to avoid printhead blockage.
    • Brand new technology applied in feeding system, minimize the deviation in material stepping.


      • Full-platen covering heating elements to distribute heat evenly resulting in perfect color consistency on any substrate, allowing for transfer process up to the very edges of the working platens. 
      • Equipped with a digital timer for easy monitoring and has a count function. 
      • Height-adjustable lower platens, to allow a wide variety of substrate thicknesses up to 5cm. 
      • Automatic and manual mode. 
      • Safety features provide proper hand protection for operators and an emergency stop button. 
      • Simultaneous preparation of substrates while working independently on both platens. Dual platen pneumatic option and double sation. 
      • More accurate time and temperature

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