• CMA 1390

    Laser Machine

    The pursuit of the newly designed CMA series lasers is to subsntantially improve the machine’s stability even while on fast mode and running for a long period, to increase processing efficiency, and to have a perfect output. The software, mechanical structure, ergonomic design, and the spare parts selection all comply with the latest international standard.


    The machine weight is 30% heavier than the previous version of the same model. The single unit cost of the equipment increased by 10%. Yueming values standard and quality, always ensuring that its laser machines are able to withstand all kinds of rigorous industrial environments. The newly designed CMA machine series promises stability, accuracy, and processing speed at par with the world’s first class laser equipment.



    • The sockets and socket switches are convenient for auxiliary accessories control to ensure the working field to complies with the 6S management.
    • T5 LED tubes installed in the middle connecting cover board expands the irradiated area to make the working area brighter.
    • The vertical exhaust port increases the absorption, avoiding waste being sucked into ventilation system.
    • The handles and locks are ergonomically designed for easy grip.
    • Space Saver: The rear of the machine has enough room for auxiliary accessories to save floor space.
    • Drawer with bearings is more convenient to take out for cleaning.
    • The “T” handle allows quick machine installation.
    • Enlarge the inner processing space (420mm), convenient for operation and daily maintenance.
    • Using inner articulated juncture, clean and simple.




    We offer 1 year warranty for whole machine.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    24 hours technical will be support by e-mail, phone.


    Free Delivery to 100+ Locations


    Technicians available to service machinery nationwide

  • Some of your Questions

    What kind of material do you want to process? What is the dimension of your working material?

    Based on the above analysis, we will recommend the most suitable machine and best solution for you.

    I never use this kind of machine before, is it easy to learn

    User-friendly English manual and operation video will be sent together with the machine. If there is still any question, we can talk through phone or Skype.
    Moreover, you could come to our factory to learn how to use it before shipment. Our technician will give you professional guidance.

    If the machine has problems, what can you do to help?

    Free parts will send to you within warranty time, and there are 24/7 technique support by mail and phone. Our after-sales staff can come to your workshop if the problem still cannot be fixed.

    How could I know if this machine is suitable for me?​

    Before ordering, we will provided every details of the machine for your reference, or you could tell us your work piece, our technician will recommend the most suitable machine for you. Furthermore, we can make a sample in advance for you to check if your drawing is provided.


    Email us your questions and queries regarding our products & our services.
    We will be happy to answer your questions and will respond to you as soon as we can,
    or send us a note below.



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